Sports Kenya paid 88m to clear stadium field

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 05:12 |
The Nyayo National Stadium swimming pool. INSET: Parliamentary Committee on Sports chairam Victor Munyaka (left) and Sports Kenya Director General Pius Meto when the former was quizzed over stadium renovation expenditures yesterday, PD/PHILIP KAMAKYA

Parliamentary Committee on Sports inquiring about the state of Kenyan stadiums was shocked to learn that Sports Kenya paid a contractor Sh88 million to clear the Marsabit stadium field.

Marsabit stadium was to be built from ground up at a cost of 295 million. Sports Kenya awarded Benisa Limited the main contract to build concrete terraces on the eastern part and earth terraces on the northern and southern parts of the stadium.

Benisa’s scope also included putting up the main pitch to international standard and a certified athletics track accompanied by the stadium’s associated electrical and mechanical works.

To start off, the company was paid Sh88 million and a further mobilisation fee of Sh26 million. Instead of going into the core of its mandate, Benisa only did the preliminary works, clearing the field and digging trenches for construction of stadium pillars before fleeing the site.

The engineer who certified the Sh88 million expense for clearing the field and digging trenches was paid Sh10 million for a his services. Operating under a consultancy firm Murutu Sulman Associates, the engineer is still owed Sh8 million for consultancy rendered thus far.

Committee chairman Victor Munyaka and members Ann Kibe and Kubai Iringo took Sports Kenya Director General Pius Meto to task over the Marsabit stadium. 

“Paperwork is flowing very well but the actual work on the ground is shocking. You cannot lament at the contractor’s slow pace of work and not getting value for money yet you awarded the contract,” Iringo posed

Dagoreti MP Simba Arati, appearing as a friend of the committee, urged the team to refer the case to Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, citing possible collusion between Sports Kenya and the contractors.

Sports Kenya has been given a two-week ultimatum to furnish the House Committee with profiles and details of all contractors and consultants. They are also to provide breakdowns and costs of preliminary works on all seven stadiums as well as scope of work done by county governments.

The Committee is on a trail of billions of shillings allocated for stadia construction since the 2016/17 financial year. Seven stadiums were supposed to be either constructed or upgraded to international standards for hosting the continent’s second tier international football tournament (CHAN) but none has been completed thus far.

Nyayo stadium, key in the sports industry, has remained closed since July 2017 and needs a whooping Sh612 million for completion. 

The facility, which has gobbled up Sh525 million so far, is still listed as 75 per cent complete but even a layman’s assessment tells otherwise.

Kinoru stadium in Meru has eaten up Sh309 million and still needs Sh559 million before completion while Sh206 million has so far been spent on Kipchoge Keino stadium in Eldoret.

Members of the committee also questioned the rationale behind awarding same companies contracts for several stadiums. “Are these cartels you are giving multiple contracts when there are thousands of companies in the country capable of delivering? Former Kenyan international volleyball player and now PM for Webuye West Dan Wanyama posed. 


Nyayo 525m (75% complete) -Sh612m needed

Kinoru -309m (75% complete) -Sh509m needed

Kipchoge Keino 206m (60% complete) -Sh348m needed

Chuka 119m (75% complete) -Sh150m needed

Marsabit 88m (20% complete) -Sh206m needed

Wote 89m (30% complete) -Sh70m needed

Ruringu 64m (30% complete) -Sh223m needed

Karatu 62m (30% complete) -Sh198m needed

Kamaring 58m (30% complete) -Sh22m needed

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