Speak positively over your children’s life

Saturday, October 26th, 2019 16:56 |

Fanne Mwambi

A story is told of two high school boys with complete opposite characters, yet sharing the same name. One day the mother of the ill-mannered and poor performing boy came to check on her son’s school report.

The teacher she met thought in his mind that there was no possible way the ill-mannered boy’s mother would show her face and embarrass herself at the school. So assuming that this would be the mother to the good boy with impressive grades, the teacher went ahead and gave a report any parent would be happy to take home.

What did you say?

The mother was ecstatic as no one had ever spoken so well about her son. Back home, she approached her son and happily motivated him to keep doing what he was doing because his teachers had nothing, but praise for him.

“If you keep at this, my son, the world will finally see the great destiny that is waiting for you.” This not only encouraged the boy to want to be better, he also decided to prove his mother’s words to the world.

This story soberly reminds me of the many times I have called my daughter, Pesh a bully, a sadist and overly aggressive. It reminds me of the day she personalized this and said she enjoys it anyway.

It reminds me of the several times I have told Raine that she will never do things by herself! You can imagine the lifestyle I have been encouraging in my house.

Words are powerful

I recently learned that there is power in the words we speak. When we call for positive things, then positive things happen. The same happens when we are pessimistic. Many parents expose their children to their fears, worries and concerns by the words they use in their presence.

Yet they expect their children to become different, and somewhat better than them. This hardly ever happens. If we want to raise great future leaders, we have to start by speaking positively about them and to them. There is no better way to address the gifts we have in our homes, now is there?

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