Sonko served with court order stopping him from publishing ‘exposés’ on judiciary

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021 09:59 |
Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.Photo/courtesy

Former Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko has been served with a court order stopping him from publishing information he alleges is a clear testament of the ongoing corruption in the judiciary.

Sonko's former lawyers obtained the orders barring the former county chief from further publishing any exposé against them pending a hearing of their case.

"I have just got to my residence after a long day, only for my security to notify me that a court order has been served upon me, ostensibly gagging further release of the expose," Sonko said.

Cecil Miller and George Kithi who are Sonko's former lawyers on Monday got the orders to restrain Sonko from publishing anything relating to them in his ongoing expose.

The court also barred Justice Said Chitembwe’s alleged brother Amana Said Jirani from publishing anything on the two said lawyers.

Miller, Kithi and Justice Chitembwe were adversely mentioned in the expose, with Sonko alleging the two city lawyers received over Ksh315 million to compromise the former Nairobi governor's impeachment process.

However, on his part, the embattled former governor said he shall challenge the same order at the inter parties hearing.

"As a law-abiding citizen, who abides by the rule of law, I stand guided and fully comply to the same order safe that I will challenge the same order at the inter-parties hearing," Sonko said.

On Tuesday, Sonko released a video footage allegedly showing Chitembwe discussing how to compromise a case.

In the amateur video, a man purported to be the judge is seen receiving a bag full of money from a female lawyer for the purpose of defeating justice.

In the expose, a man alleged to be George Kariuki, and believed to be the Deputy State House Comptroller, claims to have been sent by “State House” to convince Chitembwe not to stop Sonko’s impeachment.

Dubbed “The Rot in the Kenyan Judiciary” the first episode of a five-part series shows the events leading to Sonko’s impeachment and Chitembwe’s alleged involvement in fraudulent dealings in his chambers.

The video leak also captures Chitembwe’s brother, Amana Saidi and shows the circumstances surrounding the swearing-in of Ann Kananu as Nairobi Governor. According to the Nairobi LSK chapter, the expose shows the judge engaging in unbecoming conduct, aimed at influencing the decision of the court.

The lawyers have asked Chitembwe to examine his moral compass and in the event that the allegations made against him are true, then he should do the honourable thing to immediately resign.

State House Spokesman Kanze Dena Mararo said she was not aware of the allegations, and could not, therefore, comment on anything.

Sonko had moved to the High Court, presided over by Chitembwe, to stop his impeachment by the Nairobi County Assembly. He, however, lost the case.

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