Social distance for who?Woman Rep hosts parties

Monday, May 4th, 2020 13:34 |

Social distance for who?Woman Rep hosts parties

Just what is your MP doing during this stay-at-home era? Reflecting on how best to represent you post-Covid you believe? Wrong.

A Woman Representative has taken this break to explore her “rachet” side.

The woman, who separated from her husband, has been hosting groups of young men in her home, in total disregard of the social distancing protocols.

Her neighbours have twice threatened to call the police on for hosting parties despite gatherings having been banned.

Disgruntled cops plot to sabotage young unit boss

A turf war has erupted in an elite police unit after a younger officer considered less experienced was appointed to head it.

Some senior officials are hell bent on sabotaging their new boss and are inciting their colleagues to disobey orders or bungle investigations to make the officer look bad.

The young officer, however, has full backing on his bosses because he is seen as a person of high integrity and has cracked several cases.

City politician nurturing gang ahead of 2022 poll

A politician eyeing the governor’s seat in Nairobi in 2022 is rumoured to be running a militia to do his dirty work and help him clinch the seat.

To “test-drive” his gang, the man has unleashed it on residents of a slum, inciting them not to pay rent in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

The gang is also threatening landlords who demand rent with dire consequences.

The politician is hoping that this move will win the hearts of voters.

Governor’s wife runs the show in county

A Governor’s wife in a Northeastern county has become the subject of hushed conversations among county employees who she terrorises demanding a stipend to run her private offices in Nairobi and in the county.

Her husband watches helplessly as the woman confronts senior county officials demanding that they readjust their budgets to get funding for her.

Last week the county Chief Finance Officer was forced to resign after he refused to give in to her demands.

The woman is said to wield power over her husband because her family funded his campaigns!

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