Sleeves folded as PS Kibicho declares legal war on Sonko

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 00:00 |
Interior PS Karanja Kibicho addressing the media in his office after appearing at the DCI Headquarters yesterday. Photo/PD/SAMUEL KARIUKI

Alvin Mwangi and Zadock Angira

Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho yesterday declared a legal war on former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko accusing him of assassinating his character.

Breathing fire and brimstone, Kibicho said he would move to court to compel Sonko to prove the allegations he keeps levelling against him.

“I can assure that when I start something I don’t get tired. Sonko must answer everything he has accused me of in a court of law. He must prepare his lawyers,” he said.

“We have lived in a society where people like normalising everything even when something wrong is done.

For this one, I assure you, I will not let it go normal as it has been the trend.

I have a family and friends and they are concerned about this trend of Sonko always trying to assassinate my character”.

Sonko at the weekend made comments linking Kibicho to hooliganism in the 2017 electioneering.

He claimed that he was involved in the planning of events that were designed to portray the Orange Democratic Movement as a violent party.

“I am PS Interior and I expect people who have run out of ideas to kind of blame me and I will always check whether there is some criminality in the blame.

When you talk of someone burning vehicles that one is criminal and it can’t go unchallenged,’ he said.

The Interior PS said Sonko has on several occasions issued statements to damage his reputation, including linking him to the death of former Vice President George Saitoti. “He must come and tell us how we killed Saitoti,” said Kibicho.

But in a quick rejoinder, Sonko put on a brave face and dared Kibicho to fulfill his threat.

“I have gathered that he plans to move to court this week purportedly to sue my person over my statement yesterday.

And my brief response to him is simple: BRING IT ON! Throughout my public life, I have NEVER made any allegations that I cannot substantiate, including the truth I spoke yesterday,” Sonko said.

He added: “I therefore look forward to an invitation from the DCI to record my statement, and for the PS to move to court quickly so that I can table ALL the evidence I have for Kenyans to see and judge for themselves.”

The ex-governor said he was ready to table evidence of how the so-called deep state and system organised the attempted assassination of the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in 2017, and how the same system financed the delivery of sewerage at the Jacaranda Grounds to prevent the Opposition of holding a public rally.

Sonko, who was impeached last year, has consistently blamed Kibicho for his woes, including the impeachment from office.

In April last year 2020, Sonko, in a long statement on his social media platform, lamented that the officers, who vandalised his Covid-19 sanitation booths were keen on frustrating him, were working under Kibicho’s instructions.

“I am saddened by the vandalism that occurred earlier today, supervised by the Kibra Deputy County Commissioner who personally confirmed his ill actions to me.

He was allegedly following instructions from the Nairobi Regional Coordinator, who also confirmed the same to my chief of staff, on the removal and vandalism of the new public sanitisation booth that had been installed at the Kibra DC’s offices,” Sonko alleged.

In April 2018, Sonko accused Kibicho of waging war against him that, he claimed, aimed at discrediting him as a tribal politician.

 He said Kibicho was undermining his efforts to pick his deputy governor, claiming that the PS was using public resources to target him unfairly.

ODM also waded in demanding a full inquiry into the confession so as to establish the motives and extent of these mafia-like covert criminal acts as well as all persons and institutions involved.

The party, through Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna, said they had been vindicated

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