Skipping sub-branch polls is like ‘Abunuasi’ fairy tales, says Nyamweya

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 00:00 |
Former FKF president Sam Nyamweya (R) with Deputy President William Ruto (L) and former Sports CS Hassan Wario at a past function. Photo/PD/DAVID NDOLO

Former Kenya Football Federation (KFF) president Sam Nyamweya has accused the current regime of apathy towards sub- branches ahead of the forthcoming national elections.

Nyamweya said there was a ploy by the current regime led by Nick Mwendwa to lock out sub-branches even as he pointed out that the chain of command at the grassroots should be followed in executing the exercise.

Nyamweya said the impending move is “a total” infringement of the rights of sub-branches to be part of voting.

“I have noticed with serious dismay a plan by the Football Kenya Federation to lock out sub-branches from participating in the forthcoming elections.

Further, it is an illegality for FKF to declare that the sub-branches will hold their elections after the branch and national officials have been elected,” said Nyamweya.

He reiterated the importance of protocol in the elections in accordance with the structures of the national office.

“ It is only logical and fair that, elections are held from sub- branch level then to the branch and finally the national office. The structure of FKF is pyramidal with sub-branches at the base, branches at the middle and the national office at the apex.

Holding national elections without including the sub-branch officials will be totally untidy and unethical. It is tantamount to climbing a tree from the middle and sounds like the fairy tales of Abunuwasi,” said Nyamweya.

In the meantime, Nyamweya said he is standing in solidarity with the sub-branches which he reckoned represent the primary level of football management and development.

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