Siaya governor Rasanga announces 2022 parliamentary bid

Saturday, September 4th, 2021 13:21 |
Siaya governor Cornel Rasanga PHOTO/COURTESY

Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga has declared interest in the Alego Usonga parliamentary seat come 2022. His bid pits him against the current MP Samwel Atandi and immediate former MP George Muluan Omondi.

The succession race dominated a recent political rally convened and chaired by EALA MP Dr Oburu Oginga at Randago village Centre. The county chief used the platform to advance his agenda.

While addressing ODM delegates and South East Alego residents, Rasanga appreciated their support during his two-term tenure.

"I want to ask my people to consider voting me as their MP in 2022. Am not ready yet to go for retirement for i have sharp brains and still young," he said.

The county chief put his competitors on notice saying he will mount spirited campaigns once IEBC declares the seat vacant.

The governor has been meeting elders, opinion leaders, youth and women groups drawn from various parts of the constituency.

“I am not going to stop my bid for the MP seat. I will traverse Alego/Usonga sub-County to sell my ideologies and policies to the people. It is time to bring in new leadership.

“They will see a different kind of politics when the right time comes. It is not going to be a walk in the park," Rasanga said.

Speaking at the same event, EALA MP Dr Oburu Odinga and Alego Usonga ODM leadership criticised the reigning MP Samuel Atandi saying that he has nothing to show of his reign.

On his side, Rasanga will be bank on the numerous projects he has initiated. The county chief boasts of revamped roads, dispensaries, ECD centers, and Sh 39 million market flood lights installed in the constituency.

Atandi has however sternly warned his competitors that he will not be a pushover. The lawmaker asked his opponents to brace themselves for a tough fight.

“I have heard some people here salivating for my seat. It will not be as easy as they think. I’m keen to start a fresh five-year term in 2022.

“I want to ask Rasanga to retire peacefully. The parliamentary seat that he is eying does not match him. If i defeat him, he shall be a laughing stock and would lose respect he has earned in the past.

“I have less than one year in office but I want to ensure the people of Alego/Usonga get the necessary services and development projects so that my opponents don’t have anything to talk about during campaigns,” he said.

The ODM MP beseeched Rasanga to shelve his parliamentary bid or risk an humiliating defeat in 2022.

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