Shun politicians’ handouts and venture into business, youth told

Thursday, October 8th, 2020 13:21 |
Thika MP Patrick Wainaina

Thika MP Patrick Wainaina has urged youth to get busy with economic activities that can generate incomes for them instead of relying on politicians for handouts.

Wainaina said that the youth, being the holders of future generations should mind bettering their economic status by venturing in businesses and other economic activities that can boost their livelihoods.

Speaking after engaging boda boda operators from his constituency on modalities of reviving businesses that suffered reeling economic downfall precipitated by Covid-19, the legislator challenged the youth to take advantage of various programmes established by the government to support their livelihoods as opposed to depending on handouts from politicians.

The lawmaker said that young people are better placed to secure loans from financial institutions to start micro enterprises that will in turn employ other people thereby reducing joblessness and crimes.

He urged boda boda operators from the area to form cluster groups to benefit from government funding and tenders saying that assisting them is tantamount to transforming a whole society.

The MP urged the county and national government to consider awarding direct tenders to able youth groups to support their bid for economic growth.

He said empowering the youth economically will deprive politicians an opportunity to misuse them.

Following an eruption of chaos at Kenol in Murang’a county on Sunday that resulted in the death of two youngsters from Thika, the MP warned politicians against taking the advantage of hopelessness among the youth to advance their interests.

He urged leaders to shun dragging youths from poor families to political issues that their own children cannot engage in and urged the relevant government agencies to reign in the masterminds of the mayhem that also led to many suffering injuries.

“Instead of going for Sh 200 from a politician, come we help you on how to start a business that will better your future. Politicians should not drag you into affairs that their own children cannot engage in and we urge them to stop taking advantage of your poverty to advance their interests,” he said.

The independent MP urged major political parties in the country to show maturity in their leadership by avoiding to wash their dirty linen in public saying that most Kenyan youths were looking to them for guidance and role modelling.

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