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Friday, January 8th, 2021 00:00 |
Cartoon Comedian.

In the back of the most challenging and calamitous year in the history of this generation, the year 2021 looks to offer a lot of positives. Buoyed by the ‘never say die’ Kenyan spirit, the country’s showbiz scene is poised to rise from the Covid-19 ashes to record a myriad of well deserved triumphs, as Chebet Korir writes.

In the begging of the year 2020, the showbiz scene was promising, but largely unpredictable.

In fact, it was the year that most key industry players insinuated ‘kama sio hii corona’ (if it wasn’t for coronavirus), they would have been a big step ahead.

Musicians had to go back to the drawing board, event organisers had to cancel gigs and concerts, theatres closed down, films sets were delayed; one way or another, everyone felt a painful pinch.

However, not all was lost, as the showbiz industry slowly found ways to return to normalcy as streaming platforms became the thing.

Deejays blessed us with live mixes, musicians held virtual album launches and nostalgic Drive-In film screenings made a timely comeback.

But the good news is that 2021 looks to signal ‘better days lie ahead’ for the industry, and hopefully the phrase “when things get back to normal” will sound not so distant.

In this breadth, Spice predicts a lot of positives for the showbiz sector this New Year. 

Rise of upcoming acts 

It’s no doubt, up and coming musicians will have a smooth ride this year, as a number of them were able to branch out easily thanks to various online platforms.

The likes of 16-year-old Trio Mio will become a sensation in 2021. His latest release Cheza Kama Wewe Remix that features Mejja, Exray and Nellythegoon currently has just more than two million views on YouTube, just in a month after its release.

The likes of rapper Khaligraph Jones and boy band Sauti Sol have applauded Mio’s music abilities and hopefully we might just end up with a collabo soon.

Iyanii—who was recently signed under Arrow Boy’s record label Utembe World—is a new music entrant that we should all be on the look out for this year. His latest project Memories has gained traction and pundits are projecting that he will be the next big thing in 2021 and beyond.

Others such as Breeder LW, Kahu$h and Chris Kaiga are also poised to dominate the music industry. Unfamiliar artistes will also emerge probably the first quarter of the year and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

Year of female artistes

This will be the year where female artistes will shine more than the usual. They will serve an abundant feast of club bangers, sultry jams and tens of albums.

The likes of Femi One clearly disrupted the previous year with her infectious collabos such as Utawezana ft Mejja, Form Today ft Kagwe Mungai and Kipetero Kiyesu with Nviiri the Storyteller. She is no exception in this year’s list.

Sylvia Ssaru will be a musical sensation this year. We predict that the queen of gengetone will continuously release more hits and collaborations, as she did last year.

We also predict that Mayonde, Fena Gitu and Tanasha Donna will surprise us before the end of the year. 

More gengetone artistes 

Kenyan music is being consumed more locally, thanks to the tremendous growth of gengetone. The sound, which has now been embraced by many music fans, will not be fading anytime soon.

We predict that more artistes will emerge and take genegetone to greater levels.

The likes of Gotta City and Wanati will grace our screens with bangers. The usual faces such as Gwash, Reckless, Ethic and Benzema, will still be gracing our screens. 

Kenyan music on global charts 

Kenyan musicians have certainly put much effort on their music and videos. Why not predict Kenyan content on global charts?

For instance, Khaligraph Jones is currently working on a project with Ghanaian finest rapper Sarkodie and we can predict that it will be a global hit. By mid-year, we expect more releases that will be recognised across the globe. 

Controversy at it’s best

They say controversy sells, and this year, the showbiz scene will be ripe with controversial, scandalous and provoking moments. It will be the year where clout-chasers will use any means possible to remain relevant. In 2020, the likes of Bahati and Diana Marua, Shakilla, Eric Omondi and the Murayas topped the entertainment circles with endless controversies. We predict an even noisier year. 

Cinemas rising

Cinema halls will be vibrant this year. A number of them are already up and running and a number of movies are being showcased including Croods 2, which is family friendly.

By the end of 2020, we saw movies such as Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84) premiere in Kenya, and the turnout was incredible.

Hopefully, we will also see Kenyan content being premiered on the silver screens, with actors, producers and directors winning international accolades.

Doesn’t it feel good watching Kenyan films on streaming platforms such as Netflix?

The likes of 40 Sticks by Fakii Liwali, Disconnect by Tosh Gitonga, The Poacher by Tom Whitworth and Sincerely Daisy by Nick Mutuma are films that were positively praised by netizens in the last quarter of 2020.

We predict a more vibrant year for the film and arts scene in 2021. 

Growth in live concerts 

Live concerts and events will return in the country, as Kenyan consumers desire real world interaction, live music and artiste-fan engagement.

More artistes will visit Kenya for shows, local events such as Valentine Jamboree, Easter concerts, Concours d’Elegance, or maybe Octoberfest might all make a comeback this year.

However, event organisers will be forced to strategise and find safe and better ways to have such events.

Probably, technological enhancement in terms of sanitisation and optimisation of congested crowds, among others, will have to be critically considered. 

New content creation trends 

If it’s one thing we know after 2020 is that content creation will continue to evolve at a rapid pace.

Content creators will continuously push for better representation, and influencers will venture into promoting small businesses by advertising on their social media platforms at a small, or discounted fee.

Deejays investing more

It may seem impossible, but a number of deejays ventured into personal entrepreneurial ventures during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For example, Joseph Mwenda aka DJ Joe Mfalme recently launched his new club dubbed The Tap along Nairobi’s Baricho Road.

Rodney Afande aka Deejay Nruff unveiled his new online radio station Fresh Radio, which he describes as his new ‘baby’.

This year, we’ll see more DJs not only focusing and growing on their deejaying skills, but also in personal businesses. 

Comics will continue to tickle  

Other than the consistency of content creators, Kenyan comedians did make the pandemic period enjoyable, especially through their online skits and videos. This year will not be anything less.

More laughter will come our way, as the comics try to remain relevant and funny.

If anything, Terence Creative will make a kill this year, Cartoon Comedian will perfect on her video skills and, Flaqo will hit it big and Mammito will thrive.

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