Shock as gangsters harvest hair from women

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 15:21 |

The love for long hair among women the world over is fanatical.

We know of some slay queens who can fork out over Sh 40,000 to lay their hands on authentic human hair (said to be long, soft and feels sexy).

Sure, healthy long hair is precious, most of us resist the temptation to join a gang and start stealing clumps of it from people on the streets.

This was not the case in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela, in 2013, when a gang that called itself the “piranhas” roamed the streets slicing off the hair of local women and selling it.

There was nothing funny about the actual robberies, with the gang holding guns to the heads of the women, forcing them to tie their locks into ponytails, and then hacking them off using shears or razor blades.

The reason for stealing hair was to sell it through underworld criminal gang via where it fetched prices of up to $800 (Sh80,000).

It is used to create wigs and hair extensions sold in shops around the world.

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