Shock as coffin with chicken dumped in compound of a Kisumu resident

Thursday, August 12th, 2021 00:00 |
Residents of Kogony village in Kisumu county mill around a homestead where a coffin was dumped yesterday morning. Photo/PD/Viola Kosome

Residents of Korando-Kogony area in Kisumu West sub-county were yesterday treated to a bizarre incident after a coffin was found dumped in a homestead within the area.

Inside the coffin was a black chicken with a white rosary on the neck. It was dumped in the compound of Sylvester Okore.

Okore said his herdsman woke him up at around 8am that there was a coffin dumped next to the gate.

“I was shocked and after confirming, I immediately informed the area assistant chief and thereafter reported the matter to Riat police post,” he said.

At Riat, the officers told  him to burn whatever was inside the coffin.  Residents who milled around the compound were shocked to see a black hen with a white rosary tied on it, shells and other strange things tied on a piece of cloth.

The shaken Okore said he suspected his elder and only brother, John Onyango, could have dumped the coffin, saying since their parents died, his brother wanted to inherit a piece of land that was left to him.

Anne Achieng, a neighbour, said she was heading to the market when she saw a huge crowd around Okore’s homestead and got curious to find out what was happening.

Achieng said she was stunned and could not believe  when she heard what had transpired.

“I suspect the coffin was dumped during the wee hours of the night. All I am praying for is peace, since I have never seen such before,” she said.

Another resident, Maricus Owino, said there have been many instances of witchcraft in the area.

Police assured the residents that they would investigate the matter and apprehend the culprit.

“We are tired of witchcraft in this area. Those who want to die should not involve others in their evils. All we pray for is peace,” he said.

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