Shame of public websites with incorrect information

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021 00:00 |
Parliament in session. Photo/PD/FILE

 If you visit Parliament website, Francis Munyua Waititu alias Wakapee image and details are still mounted indicating that he is the Juja Member of Parliament. Wakapee died on February 22.

 The constituency elected a new MP, George Koimburi in early May.  Voters in  Bonchari constituency also elected a new MP, Parvel Oimeke but the website still has the name of John Oyioka who died in February.

This is the same for Garissa county. The website has the late Yusuf Haji as the senator despite being replaced by his son Abdulkadir Haji.

 Parliament website still bears the name of the late Mutinda Kabaka as Senator of Machakos yet Agnes Kavindu was voted to replace him after his death in December 2020.

 Another change that is yet to be effected is that of Matungu MP where the site still has the name of the late Justus Murunga, who died and was succeeded by Peter Nabulindo.  

Up in arms

Recently, MPs were up in arms criticising the website for not updating their academic details.

  “Parliament website should be updated. I got a degree from Kenya Methodist University.

Mimi nishajipanga,” posted Embakasi West MP George Theuri, who was responding to critics questioning his academic status. 

Though some details are correct, a quick click at the official Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development still has some discrepancies. It comfortably sits in the list of “sleeping sites.”

 Long-serving Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang was moved to the State Department of Regional Development as the PS in-charge of Regional and Northern Corridor Development.

Kipsang’s name still appears at the official website as a council member.

    Basically, the board should have the PS basic education as a member and for this case, they should have replaced Kipsang with Julius Jwan.

In June last year, the National Aids Control Council appointed Dr Ruth Laibon Masha as the new executive director.  

Laibon was appointed to replace Dr Nduku Kilonzo, who had been serving in the position since 2014 after her term came to an end.  

Kilonzo was appointed to head the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service (KNBTS) replacing Charles Rombo.  However, the official KNBTS still has the name of Rombo as the head.

Another culprit is the Water Resources Authority (WARMA) website.

 Recently, the government made changes at the board where chair, Joe Mutambu was transferred to head Kenya Electricity Transmission Company board.

  By the time we were going to press, the official website of (WARMA) had the name of Mutambu as the Board chair.

 A visit at the Agriculture Food Authority (AFA), too,  displays some inconsistencies.

Though they have the names of the board members, their profiles are yet to be outlined.

Good performers

 However, some websites stand out by the efficiency with which they are updated.  On this impressive league is official Judiciary website. The other is the Teachers Service Commission website, which is often updated.

Other parastatal websites that are well managed are; Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC), Kenya Pipeline, Media Council of Kenya, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Labour and the Postal Corporation of Kenya.

 The Kenya Medical and Training College (KMTC), Kenya Industrial Property Institute, Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS), Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) also have well updated sites.

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