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Serving more than just food

Thursday, August 20th, 2020 00:00 |
Appetising presentation of yummy meals. Photo/PD/FAITH KYOUMUKAMA

Here, food plays a role far beyond just keeping employees fed and sustained. Making great food experiences for them is part of everyday office life and can make employees happier and more productive.

Faith Kyoumukama  @martkinel

Online food businesses have been the way to go since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic with so many people embracing the trend. I found Tsebo on Instagram after seeing so many reviews.

Tsebo, which is the Sesotho word for knowledge is a catering company that started in 2016 with entrance to the corporate segment through onsite catering.

The company provides fresh, nuritious and well-balanced meals to every economic sector, from mines and industrial plants to hospitals, schools and the dining rooms of corporates and government institutions.

Rosemary Njoroge, the sales representative for the fresh and yummy meals by Tsebo says Covid-19 has brought its fair share of hits and misses, resulting to the closure of some sectors they serve, including the education sector and corporates due to reduction of staff members, as more people work from home.

However, she says this has presented new opportunities for them because currently, they do home deliveries. 

“To keep the business afloat, we have also introduced new products into the menu to cater to all categories of people from those with special food needs to food lovers.

Food is delivered in different packages consisting of protein, carbs and vegetables. Photo/PD/FAITH KYOUMUKAMA

We keep incorporating into our menu client feedback on what they prefer,” Rosemary adds.

She says people doing staycations and small parties at home have been their biggest clientele.

The food comes in new trendy packs that are glossy on the inside so the sauce doesn’t sock on the pack.

They have a wide array in menu choice and for a moment, I was confused on what to choose.

Because the menu is a meaty affair, their most ordered dishes are the honey-glazed sticks, the marinated cha charred pork chops, juicy mbuzi choma and fish goujons.

They have different food packages consisting of protein, carbs and vegetables, in case you want to snack, you can also get a few of those choices.

My menu pack consisted of mbuzi choma, drum sticks, pork, beef stroganoff accompanied with rice and potato wedges...  a meaty affair right? The servings were fit for four people, and it could be extended to five too. 

The mbuzi choma was really tasty, well marinated and the salt just right, same as the pork, which was not fatty, but juicy at the same time.

My other favourite had to be the beef stroganoff, especially when eaten with rice.

The beef stroganoff is a Russian dish that consist of sautée pieces of beef served in a sauce.

So what makes it amazing? You would ask. Is it the beef? The mushrooms? The cream sauce? It’s simply all of the above. 

Generous servings 

Mushroom has slowly found its way in to my heart, whether it’s on the breakfast menu or dinner and lunch, they are my favourite at the moment.

A meaty affair: Appetising presentation of yummy meals. Photo/PD/FAITH KYOUMUKAMA

The potato wedges were baked, which made them less oily, but even tastier than when fried.

The drumsticks were very crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, they are glazed with barbeque sauce, but it’s not irritating to the palette.

The servings are generous and can be the perfect plan if you are hosting a few people in your house and you don’t want to cook.

They have an online service with their contact information on Instagram. You just send your location and get your food delivered.

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