Seniors 4 Seniors campaign raises Sh2.1 Million to feed the elderly

Saturday, January 30th, 2021 19:12 |

Kiligrit, a group of senior citizens have completed phase 1 of a month-long campaign to raise KES 5 Million (USD $50,000) towards Mama Ibado Charity’s Seniors’ Feeding Program.

Through a five-day hike to Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, the group managed to raise KES 2.1 Million representing 42 per cent of the targeted amount.

“We climbed to the top without much problem. Unlike the last time we were there and a number of us had to withdraw at some level, this time we were much determined and persevered the tough winds of between 80-100 Kilometres per hour,” said the team’s leader, Col (rtd) Hussein Farah.

The team managed to scale 19,341ft (5,895M AMSL).

The campaign, Seniors 4 Seniors is an initiative between Mama Ibado Charity (MIC) and Kiligrit, a group of senior citizens constituted of various businessmen quenching their innate adventurous ambitions through hiking.

The campaign started in January 23rd will run till February 23rd.

Kiligrit Chairman, Major (Rtd) Hussein Mohammed, called on Kenyans in the country and in the diaspora to engage in this noble initiative to help restore dignity of vulnerable senior citizens.

“It has been tough, challenging and gruelling. We had to nagivate the strong winds but we are grateful we climbed and here we are. We landed safely. We are now calling on Kenyans from all walks of life to rally behind this magnanimous campaign to support less fortunate seniors in our society,” said Major (Rtd) Hussein Mohammed.

“Thank you so much for being great role models and setting incredible standards for the society and for partaking in this glorious campaign, for maintaining your humanity and voluntarily contributing to the eradication of the incapacitating scourge that is hunger,” said Justice Mohamed K. Ibrahim when he handed the team gold certificates to the eight members.

Mama Ibado Charity is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a goal of raising KES 25,000,000 (USD $250,000), that will be used to increase their support from 650 beneficiaries under the Seniors Feeding Programme to 1,000.

“As we move to the next decade, we want to reach out to more vulnerable senior citizens to improve their wellbeing and living standards as part of our big mission of restoring their dignity,” said Mama Ibado Charity Founder, Ahmed Jibril.

Kiligrit members who participated in the expedition were led by BlueBird Aviation Director, and the late President Daniel Moi's former pilot, Col (Rtd) Hussein Farah.

Other participating members were Major (Rtd) Hussein Mohammed, Col (Rtd) Abdulbari Abdirahman, Abdiwahid Biriq, Abdikadir Sheikh Hassan, Mohamud Duale, Hassan Shariff Alwy and Omar Meegagg.

MIC is celebrating a decade of helping senior citizens restore their dignity through impact projects including seniors feeding programme, seniors housing programme and annual elderly medical camps.

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