Senior lawyers call for end to persistent LSK wrangles

Friday, August 6th, 2021 00:00 |
US-based don Prof Makau Mutua.

Two prominent lawyers have called for an immediate end to the wrangles at the Law Society of Kenya (LSK).

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV on Wednesday Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi and Prof Makau Mutua urged the current leadership of LSK to borrow a leaf from the previous administrations and restore sobriety at the society.

“What is happening at LSK is simply what I would describe as a tragic story. Nelson Havi (the LSK President) appears to be an intelligent guy but unfortunately he has run LSK to the ground.

He has failed to exhibit the decorum and wisdom that I expect to see from society. There is no other LSK President who has behaved like him,” said Mutua.

Mutua described the ongoing war between Havi and Chief Executive Officer Mercy Wambua as petty.

“Why is he obsessed with Mercy Wambua. She is just a secretary to the council for God’s sake.” 

Havi two weeks ago recruited a replacement for Wambua but a section of the LSK council rejected the decision saying she was still in office.

Ahmednassir said though the society had an impressive record in public interest litigation, it was deeply divided.

“Every day we see what is happening at LSK. But we say that they are doing well in areas of public law litigation.

However, it would have been better if LSK was united. We must admit that it is a very challenging time for society,” he said.

Fighting corruption  

“It’s sad that our profession has gone down to the dogs. We have a president who is a dictator. He wants things done the way he wants.

He even has the audacity to go against the decisions of the council,” said Moses Githuo, a lawyer based in Nyeri.

Some council members disowned the alleged suspension of  Wambua. They termed the decision by Havi to send Wambua and eight council members on compulsory leave null and void.

 But Havi yesterday maintained he is leading the society in the right direction and fighting corruption.

He says he has restored nearly Sh600 million the society has been losing annually in the past. 

“ They are fighting me because I have requested an audit. But they should know that we will not stop until we have recovered this money.

I am a strong president and that’s why I have refused to go to bed with the government.

Actually, if there was to be any comparison, maybe they should think of Paul Muite. I don’t have anything that I should borrow from the other presidents,” he said.

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