Senior CS forced to intervene in aide’s tribulations

Thursday, October 15th, 2020 17:23 |

CS forced to intervene in aide’s tribulations

A police officer attached to a senior CS in the country has found himself in a more embarrassing situation after his boss rebuked and condemned him over a recent altercation in a hotel upcountry.

After several warnings, the officer from the VIP Protection unit is said to have invited guests for a meeting which ended up in a brawl.

The CS, who had already retired to bed for the night, had to make a long walk to the aide’s hotel room to diffuse what was degenerating into an embarrassing ordeal.

Upcountry PSV users caught in bad situation

The ban on PSVs in the CBD has already thrown many off-balance.

Despite efforts by leading politicians to counter the government’s move, key players in the industry are now resigned to the reality that they will not win the war.

By yesterday, most PSV owners’ associations were making frantic efforts to find new homes, but seriously affected are the upcountry operators who have been accessing the city illegally and have to share the small space outside of CBD.

MP faced with image issues over donation

An MP said to have accepted cash from a leading politician and declared less amount is struggling with an image issue after a church in Nairobi announced their rejection over the matter.

In the twisted story, the church leaders in the Eastlands area visited a leading technocrat and a politician who agreed to conduct a fundraiser some time back.

The function did not take place after the church leadership changed the date.

However, information slipped out that some cash hand been released to organise the event.

The MP from a former Nyanza county is not comfortable.

Phone cartel fail to get politician’s support

A cartel that steals phones and computers in Nairobi had a difficult moment yesterday.

The youthful phone and gadget repairers, struggled to find usual support from a leading politician in the city after they were apprehended by a police swat unit.

The police who raided their workshop had little time for the group that is known to purchase stolen phones and sell them after ‘flashing’ and cleaning their memories.

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