Second suspect in priest’s murder says he killed to join cult, grow fortunes

Friday, October 25th, 2019 20:18 |
Catholic priest Father Michael Kyengo. Photo/Courtesy

Detectives are pursuing a possible case of a deal gone sour as a fresh twist emerges into the shooting of two General Service Unit (GSU) officers guarding a watchtower at Wilson Airport that left one dead. 

Investigators attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations have widened the scope of the probe after it emerged the two officers had exited the airport perimeter when the incident happened.  They are also keen to establish the authenticity of reported case of attack as narrated by the injured officer.

Investigations by People Daily established homicide detectives revisited the scene to “reconstruct the scene of crime” where grey areas and glaring inconsistencies were raised.

“It is clear they were outside the perimeter of the airport over 200 metres from the watch tower. There is a gate and they had the keys,” a senior investigator, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said. 

GSU Police Constable Stephen Mukangi was shot dead last weekend while in the company of his colleague PC Samson Morongo.

Gunshot wounds

Morongo said four men in full police combat uniform attacked them. He said they were approached by two men who introduced themselves as GSU officers from Ruaraka seeking assistance after their vehicle broke down. 

However, after walking for a short distance, two more men clad in GSU uniform joined in and attacked the two officers.

Morongo said Mukangi was shot dead in the ensuing melee but he managed to escape with a gunshot wound on his left leg. They both lost their AK-47 rifles loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition each.  

Meanwhile, a bodyguard attached to Meru County Assembly Speaker Joseph Kaberia was shot dead by the Speaker’s driver in an alleged argument at Kamiti Corner, Nairobi a fortnight ago.  

Police Constable Samuel Munga is believed to have been killed by Andrew Nabea who also sustained a gunshot wound. 

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