Scottish traditional wear: Competition tough as pupils covet top prize

Thursday, August 8th, 2019 00:00 |
Maryjoy Kindergarten and Primary School pupils from Mombasa county celebrate their win for a poem titled ‘Potty’. Photo/Raphael Munge

Donned in Scottish traditional wear, pupils from  Rabour Primary School moved step-by-step, side-by-side as they  swayed in a coordinated fashion and presented a traditional Scottish dance at the ongoing National Music Festival held at Kabarak University, Nakuru county. 

The performance brought the auditorium to pin-drop silence as audience got absorbed in the ‘Reel Dance’ performed by carefully choreographed footwork.

 Alternating with travelling figures in a circle, the pupils stole the show with their dazzling performance in the Western cultural dances Class 851H. 

In this section, children from various primary schools faced off in a stiff competition with the rich Scottish culture being the main focus for the adjudicators. 

Rabour, from Nyanza region,  emerged victorious to scoop the much-coveted award with their performances narrowly beating Ikombe Special Primary School from Eastern region. 

In their presentation, Rabour showcased a synchronous movement as they danced away to the tune of the songs with each pupil aware of the next step they were to take, with confidence. 

So was Ikombe who came in second as they tried to outshine their counterparts with the adjudicators admitting to have had a hard time in getting a winner between the two schools who have never been to Scotland. 

Brother Beusang Catholic Primary School from Rift Valley came in third with their performance that showcased Scotland cultural ethos of ‘Unity in Diversity’. 

Also performing in the same category were Kianda School from Nairobi, Chakol Primary, Lwak Girls, St Irene from Coast, St Marys Academy, Ndumberi, St Angela and PEFA Donhom. 

One of the highlights of the day was the exciting performances from children with physical, hearing and visual impairments as well as those who are mentally impaired. 

In African folk songs, schools from Rift Valley region stole the show with enthralling performances.  

Schools from West Pokot, Nandi, Baringo and Turkana counties faced one another on the fourth day of the competition. 

Peace and Unity

Africa folk songs in Pokot carried the day as Kodich AIC Primary School presented a thrilling sacred song titled ‘Papoyo’ with a rich Kenyan culture. The song is sung to celebrate a deity or a god for existence of peace and unity. 

Colour and splendour defined the performances. The more one watched, the more one yearned to get more as Kiptenden Primary School presented a Kipsigis folk song on harvest. 

Other folk songs and dances that enriched the festival were from Maasai-Rendile-Njemps class, Kipsigis-Nandi- Tugen-Elgeyo-Sabaot, Meru-Kikuyu-Embu and Somali-Borana. 

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