Schools not ready for reopening despite low fatalities

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020 12:00 |
KSSHA chairperson Kahi Indimuli says schools are not ready for re-opening. Photo/PD/FILE

Public primary and secondary schools are still not ready to re-open despite the decreasing number of coronavirus disease cases reported in the last few days owing to the status they are in at the moment.

Kenya Secondary School Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KSSHA) yesterday said there are still several things that need to be done in schools before learning can resume and for the safety of children.

KSSHA chairperson Kahi Indimuli said public secondary schools will not be able to achieve social distancing if schools resume, hence the need for a clear-cut plan to deal with the high number of learners.

“Much as we would really want to have our children back to schools, we must be given a concrete way forward by the Ministry of Health, which will help us do the work instead of falling back in the middle,” Indimuli said.

Adding: “Schools are still not ready to reopen because there are several things that need to be done for instance if we are to observe the 1.5m social distancing, most of our schools will not be able to keep up with that directive.”

Facemasks for children

Kahi said the issue of facemasks for children is still not clear on how it would be implemented.

“We need to be told clearly who is issuing out face masks for children. Will it be parents buying for their children or Government them giving for free?

If it is the Government issuing them out then this is the time to start distributing them to schools before they re-open,” added Indimuli.

“There are some places in the country without adequate water and there is need to ensure plans are in place to ensure there are storage facilities and how such schools will receive water,” said Indimuli.

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