Sankok announces an exit from politics to allow for fresh ideas

Saturday, September 28th, 2019 00:00 |

Nominated MP David ole Sankok has announced that he will retire from active politics after his five-year term ends.

Addressing the press in Narok on Friday, the lawmaker said he has done his best having spoken 790 times in Parliament and that he will not vie for any elective post in 2022.

He said he would engage in other private matters away from active politics.

“Five years is enough in leadership for me to implement the ideas that I have and give room for another leader to bring in fresh ideas,” he said.

The former National Council for Persons with Disabilities chairman said he had performed to his level best and almost exhausted his ideas, and that it was time to allow fresh minds to bring in new ideas.

Sankok said as a democrat, and having Nelson Mandela as his role model, he would retire voluntarily and that he had notified President Uhuru Kenyatta over the same.

“Even if I run for another 20 years, I will be just repeating my manifestos and ideologies over and over again,” he said.

Sankok came into the limelight for advocating for the rights of persons with a disability such as ensuring they are given access to government opportunities and ensuring that sign language is the third national language.

“As the chairman of National Council for Persons with Disability where I stepped down voluntarily, I advocated for access to government procurement opportunities, sign language in television and that the disabled receive adaptable exams in schools,” he said.

The MP said the United Nations has recognised his noble work and he may be headed there as an African special advisor on issues of people with disability after his term ends. -KNA

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