Rights groups call for testing of all KPA workers after colleague’s death

Monday, April 6th, 2020 00:00 |
Port workers.

Harrison Kivisu @PeopleDailyKe

In the wake of a Covid-19 case reported at the giant Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), human rights groups are calling for an urgent and mandatory testing of all staff and port users to avert the spread of global pandemic.

Commission for Human Rights and Justice (CHRJ), through a demand signed by its executive director Julius Ogogoh, and served to KPA management, it demands that the facility be declared a Covid-19 free zone as it continues with conducting its essential services to the public.

“It is reported that KPA has had a confirmed case of Covid-19 and that there could be  a likelihood of surge among the huge workforce at the port.

We therefore wish to ask the management to conduct mandatory testing of all its staff and that of port users entering the port,” said Ogogoh.

KPA lost one of its staff members who succumbed to the disease mid last week while several others have gone to self quarantine. KPA with over 6,000 employees has scaled down operations as a precautionary measure against the spread of pandemic.

“This mandatory testing should cut across all port facilities across the country as a matter of agency and in order to ally further fears of spread of Covid-19 pandemic and a possible close of the port of Mombasa,” Ogogoh added.

KPA through a public notice seen by People Daily issued on February, has set stringent measures for shipping lines and shipping agents among them, is maritime declaration of health form including crew list, voyage memo and a valid ship control exemption certificate which should be done within 48 hours through the email before a ship is allowed to sail to the port.

In addition, KPA has ensured that all vessels coming from high-risk countries infested with coronavirus are inspected at the quay side. 

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