Residents want Kiminini upgraded to municipality

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 09:36 |
Kiminini residents led by Wabwoba Barasa ( left) have petitioned the county assembly of Trans Nzoia to upgrade the Town to Municipality status

Residents of Kiminini Township in Trans Nzoia county have petitioned their county assembly to upgrade the town to municipality status.

They said the town which is the second largest market in the county has been asking for the upgrade to a municipality after Kitale Town was upgraded in July 2020. 

Speaking on the People Daily at the county assembly of Trans Nzoia after presenting their petition to assembly clerk Ainea Indakwa, the residents said the upgrade would improve the status of Kiminini.

Led by their spokesperson Wabwoba Barasa, the residents said an upgrade to a municipality would also create more jobs.

"It is more about employment for our people," said Wabwoba.

"Investors will also want to put their money in this Town which houses a Deputy County Police Commander, Deputy County Commissioner and other high ranking civil servants.

He said the town is on course to have food processing industries and other businesses that will give employment to the locals.

Former nominated councillor in the defunct Nzoia County Council Martin Matara said once investors establish factories , job opportunities will be easily created to address unemployment.

"This means we will get additional funding which will help us in service delivery to our people who will no longer depend on the culture of handouts,’’ he said.

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