Naivasha residents face cholera outbreak due to floods

Friday, May 15th, 2020 16:22 |

Hundreds of families who have been displaced by floods in Kihoto estate in Naivasha now face a cholera outbreak after their latrines were flooded by waters from Lake Naivasha.

This came as Nakuru County government moved in to donate food and personal effects to 1,700 families that have already been displaced.

In the last one month, water levels in the lake have risen sharply flooding homes and farms leading to massive losses of goods.

In the process, latrines and shallow wells that serve area residents have been flooded though no case of Cholera has been reported.

According to the Chief Officer in Charge of Disaster management Ann Njenga, the department of health was on the ground accessing the situation.

Speaking during the distribution of the food stuff, Njenga admitted that the overflow from the latrines posed a major health threat to those left behind.

“Due to the rise in the water levels, latrines and water wells in the estates have flooded and this could lead to a disease outbreak,” she said.

The CO noted that affected families had been directed to move out of the estate as the water levels continued to rise.

“The country government has donated food to 1,700 families that have been affected by the floods and we shall continue to support them until the floods are over,” she said.

Njenga noted that other parts of the county mainly estates bordering Lake Nakuru had also been affected with three people including a minor losing their lives.

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