Report: Bribery the most prevalent form of graft

Friday, October 16th, 2020 00:00 |
Integrity Centre. Photo/File

Mercy Mwai @wangumarci

Corruption is most rampant in the national government, counties, the Judiciary and the National Assembly, a new report has shown.

The report by the National Crime Research Center on the perceptions and experiences in the public sector shows that bribery (23.1 per cent), embezzlement and misappropriations of funds (19.6 per cent) and abuse of power (6.3 per cent) were the most common forms of corruption in the said government institutions.

Embezzlement is prominent in 39 counties. According to the findings, majority of Kenyans feel that there was corruption in all arms of government, with the Executive recording the highest with 80.4 per cent  followed by counties at 77.7 percent.

County Assemblies follow with 75.5 per cent, Judiciary 79.5 percent, National Assembly 65.5 per cent, and the Senate at 50.4 per cent.

“The findings imply that the main form of corruption, which is bribery, is well understood by most Kenyans.

The findings are also a pointer to the changing nature of corruption,” the report.

Revelations came even as it recommended that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), National Intelligence Service, Directorate of Criminal Investigations among other agencies undertake regular vetting and impromptu internal and external lifestyle audit and trail all public officials especially those aged 36 to 50 years.

“EACC ought to partner with other State agencies to sanitise records of companies doing business with the government,” the report.

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