Relief for Kenyans as cost of fuel drops

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 16:33 |
Pump attendant. Photo/File

The Kenyan consumer has been handed an economic lifeline for the next 30 days following a massive dip in cost of fuel.

Announcing the monthly fuel cost review, Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) said the prices of Super and diesel will go down by Sh18 and Sh4.09 per litre respectively, while households using Kerosene for cooking and lighting will get a relief of Sh18.18 per litre.

Accordingly, super petrol, diesel and kerosene will cost Sh92.87, Sh97.56 and Sh77.28 in Nairobi having previously retailed at Sh110.87, Sh101.65 and Sh95.46 respectively.

The price reduction, which takes effect on today and remains in force until May 14 is attributable to lower landing costs.

EPRA said the landing cost of imported super petrol reduced by 34.61 per cent to $472.59 per cubic metre in February, from $309.03 in March 2020.

The diesel cost reduced by 9.89 per cent from $480.21 per cubic metre to $432.70, while the kerosene cost decreased by 37.70 per cent from $421 to$262.

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