Region can’t be ruled out of State House race

Friday, August 27th, 2021 00:00 |
PNU chairman David Kamau at a past press briefing. Photo/PD/File

Gakuu Mathenge

A newly-formed coalition has declared that the field is still open for a presidential candidate from Mt Kenya region to contest in the 2022 election. 

 Addressing a meeting of coalition partners at a Nairobi hotel yesterday, officials said it was too early for anyone to conclude that Mt Kenya region, could not produce or sponsor a presidential candidate  in the coming General Election.

The coalition brings together Party of NAtional Unity (PNU), Safina and the Democratic Party (DP). 

PNU party chairman David Kamau told the meeting a perception had been created that it was too late for new presidential candidates to declare their ambitions. 

“It is important that people do not run ahead of themselves. The question of presidential candidates in the history of multi-party elections in Kenya is settled in the last six months, not 12 months before election date. We have plenty of time to deliberate and decide,” said Kamau.  

Significant inroads

Denocratic Party deputy leader Stephen Karau, said there was still room for Mt Kenya  region to consider fielding a presidential candidate.  

“It is still too early for anyone to imagine or conclude that Mt Kenya region has no presidential candidate for 2022 race.

Discussions and debates are going on at various levels. It is not settled as yet,” Karau said. 

The statements come at a time Deputy President William Ruto, is perceived to enjoy a high political popularity rating in the region.

His arch-rival, Raila Odinga of ODM, who enjoys overt state courtesies as preferred candidate to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta, is yet to make significant inroads in the region.

If PNU coalition were to sponsor a presidential candidate for 2022 presidential race from the region, it is bound to upset current presumption that the region is destined to impact next year’s presidential race.

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