Redeemed joins list of institutions banning politics in church

Friday, September 17th, 2021 11:08 |
Evangelical Alliance of Kenya leaders led by Redeemed Gospel Church Archbishop Arthur Kitonga (left) address the media in Nairobi, yesterday. PD/BENARD ORWONGO

Redeemed Gospel Church yesterday joined the growing list of religious institutions that have banned politicians from their pulpits.

Archbishop Arthur Kitonga while presiding over its Apostolic and Governing Council meeting at Karen asked the political class to respect the places of worship.

“We ask you to respect our decision to keep places of worship and in particular altars undefiled by the indecency that we have witnessed in the last few months.

"Keep in mind, any act of dishonour to God has consequences and cannot go unpunished. Respect, revere and honour sacred places of worship,” said Kitonga.

Kitonga warned Kenyans and politicians to be weary of some of the Pentecostal churches, saying that churches who welcome politicians to politic during worship are in for monetary gains.

“You must be aware of the false prophets who are out to only make money during worship time. The churches and pastors that allow such are only for their self-interests and not for the souls of the worshippers,” he said.

Presiding Bishop of the Redeemed Gospel Church in Huruma Kepha Omae added that as part of the evangelical churches, they had made pronouncement that politicians should keep off altars and pulpits.

Hate and insults

“We as part of the Evangelical Alli- ance of Kenya, had made it clear that we welcome politicians to congregate and worship with us but not to use our podiums to spew hate and insults to others,” said Omae.

He went on: “We stand in solidarity with the Catholic and the Anglican Church that our pulpits and altars must be respected. We must reclaim our altars. We have given direction to all our churches to adhere to.”

According to the clergy, there is rising political temperatures that is threatening the fabric that holds Kenyans together.

He said campaigns for the 2022 polls should stop so that myriads of challenges facing Kenyans are sorted out first. He explained that in other democracies, the campaigns start few months to the election, adding that the politicians should help find solutions to the problems facing Kenyans.

“The August 2022 campaigns should be halted. The campaigns should be started in January or February next year. We have started the campaigns too early. This is unac- ceptable,” said Kitonga.

The Redeemed Gospel Church clergy called on Kenyans living in Laikipia County to stop the killings, destruction of property and subjecting children to untold sufferings.

Political arenas

“Rather than invade neighbouring counties for pasture, each county should develop a livestock destocking, during drought and restocking when the rains come,” said Kitonga.

The Catholic Church and the National Council of Churches of Kenya directed its priests to ensure that leaders do not further their political agenda using places of worship.

“Our places of worship are sacred and should not serve as political arenas,” said Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops chairman Archbishop Martin Kivuva.

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