Recovered ‘Otero’ leaves hospital after coronavirus infection

Friday, July 10th, 2020 00:00 |
Musa Otieno at a Harambee Stars training session in 2018. INSET: The legendary defender on a ventilator at Kenyatta National Hospital. Photo/PD/SPORTPICHA

Former Harambee Stars captain Musa Otieno yesterday talked of his experience after recoving from coronavirus and being discharged from Mbagathi Hospital where he had been admitted for about two weeks.

The former Santos defender talked of being distraught the moment he was checked into Mbagathi Hospital on June 26 having problems in breathing before he was later diagnosed with the deadly virus.

In a span of 12 days, he was shifted between Mbagathi Hospital and Kenyatta National hospital where multiple tests were carried out.

Interestingly, however, the former national football team assistant coach is unaware of how he contracted the virus but is thankful after fully recovering.

“It has been a hectic moment for me and my family during the last two weeks and I would like to thank all the Kenyans who kept me in their prayers plus those who personally checked up on me.

I was overwhelmed by get well messages, it was such a humbling experience and I was sincerely moved because life can be fickle.

I’m still at a loss on how I contracted the virus and it perplexed me, but thankfully all my contacts including my Academy staff were tested and they all tested negative,” Otieno told People Sport.

The 46 year old had prior to his admission at Mbagathi Hospital been involved with a charity exercise at Maringo estate in Eastlands through his Kick Off to Hope Foundation.

Soon after the event he developed breathing problems and was checked into hospital on a Friday before his fears turned into reality.

Otieno’s philanthropy, via his cademy,leaves him mingling with residents around the city’s populous estates as he helps cushion the less fortunate during the Covid-19 period.

Over 600 families in Eastlands have benefitted from his project with Otieno having been involved in other social events outside Nairobi before coronavirus outbreak.

“The Doctors did an excellent job and I am grateful. I saw first-hand what they go through given the numbers they handle and I have nothing but respect.

At the moment, I am in isolation for a further 14 days and in case of any concerns arising with my health, my Doctor will be on the speed dial because it is crucial that I monitor my condition.

I have been given the measures and tips to take care of myself while at home as I rest,” said Otieno.

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