Reasons nobody wants comrades back!

Monday, April 6th, 2020 00:00 |
University students. Photo/Courtesy

Michael Muraya @michael_muraya

If there are people who have found peace and solace during this time are the landlords and non-student tenants in those little bedsitters that border campuses.

For the first time in their lives, there are no comrades around and guys can finally breathe!

Juja must be the most peaceful town right now, with all those Jkuat nerds all gone and they carried the noise, the nuisance and well, all the drugs home.

But it’s not just Juja. Tenants who shared the compound with comrades in Kahawa, Chuka and all other places are singing “Hosanna Halleluyah” while enjoying their peace of mind.

This is because, despite the fact that these god-forsaken bedsitters are small in size, campo peeps are not deterred from partying. Before the era of social distancing, there were more bedsitter parties than there were classwork meetings.

Every weekend, half of the flats was always in competition over who has louder music in their party, with those Sh3,500 subwoofer speakers bought from Helb money and betting winnings.

They call them house parties, but technically they should call them room parties. I’m not hating though.

A party in a bedsitter can’t be called a house party. It’s a single room where all your shoes get lost and never to be found.

All the same, parties are a norm across the whole semester. You’d think these comrades are living in the eternal life otherwise, why on earth do they party all the semester? What’s there to party about?

The ‘house’ parties are never good news. You can imagine more than 30 drunk people stuffed up in a small room where there is loud music.

Thank God they sent comrades home because these ‘house’ parties would have been the end of an entire generation!

The whole school can turn up in one bedsitter and they all want to dance even if there is no space. It is so tricky, especially in a dim light.

It’s so crowded and you have no idea who you are dancing with. You will later see a video clip of how you seriously wiggled for your fellow man and you shall always live in trauma.

 It doesn’t end there. If you attend such and be lucky enough to leave with your phone and cash intact, then the Lord in heaven must really love you so much He probably assigned you 19 guardian angels. 

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