Rains wrecks havoc to Chyulu farmers in Kajiado

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 20:02 |

The ongoing rains that continue pounding parts of the country has left a trail of destruction in parts of Kajiado County.

Farmers from Chyulu hills Kajiado South Sub-county have been left counting losses after tens of sheep and goats were killed by the heavy Tuesday downpour.

Just barely three days since the area experienced rains following prolonged drought, Chyulu area experienced flashfloods which also saw cattle washed away to the chagrin of the farmers.

Devastated farmers have been grappling with severe drought in the past four months with livestock health detoriorating.

The farmers endured tough economic times feeding the animals with hay with they only hope pegged on rains for pasture and water.

"It is so disheartening to loose the entire source of livelihood. The rains are a big reprieve to us as Kajiado farmers but unfortunately in some parts it has left massive destruction. It is indeed a disaster and a regretable loss," Alex Remit said.

The farmers have expressed fear of losing more animals owing to the weak health status of the animals.

Some have began taking precaution by housing sheep and goat in houses with others putting temporary roofs in livestock sheds.

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