Raila: Thanks to God, my daughter can see again!

Friday, December 27th, 2019 00:00 |
Rosemary Odinga with her father Raila Odinga at ACK St Peter’s Nyamira in Bondo, Siaya on Christmas Day. Photo/PD/ERIC JUMA

Eric Juma

ODM leader Raila Odinga spent Christmas thanking God for many things, among them the restoration of his daughter Rosemary’s eyesight.

Raila, who attended a church service with Rosemary at ACK, St Peter’s, Nyamira in Bondo, Siaya county , thanked God for shaming and disappointing enemies by restoring her sight.

“Some of my enemies were rejoicing at the blind status of my daughter, but the Lord has proved them wrong by restoring her eyesight,” the former Premier said.

He said the family’s happiness faded the day Rosemary was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

“We are happy to announce to you that the Lord has done us a miracle and our daughter, who went blind, can now see and run her own errands,” he said.

“It was painful to see my daughter in a coma for more than a week and the many trips we made in and out of hospitals, but we thank God for restoring her eyesight.

This is a big relief to me and a chance to engage fully on politics and development of our country,” he added.

Hospital trips

Rosemary fell sick in 2017, and after undergoing treatment in many hospitals in Nairobi, South Africa, Israel, China and Germany, there was no change with her eyesight.

“A friend of mine later approached me and we took her to India, where she was introduced to traditional herbs for four weeks. That improved her eyesight and a test revealed that she could see with the help of glasses,” he said.

Rosemary equally thanked God for restoring her eyesight, adding that life was difficult when she was blind.

“I was dependent on others for everything and could only identify people through voices,” she said, adding that it was painful being unable to see her children for two years.

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