Raila rallies troops to counter anti-BBI wave at grassroots

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021 00:00 |
ODM leader Raila Odinga addressing party county chairperson’s from at Chungwa House in Nairobi. Photo/PD/Emmanuel Wanson

Rawlings Otieno

ODM leader Raila Odinga has challenged his troops to move to the grassroots in a bid to combat anti-Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) campaigns by Deputy President William Ruto and his brigade.

Raila yesterday convened a meeting of the Orange Party county chairpersons and sanctioned them to counter the anti-BBI wave in the grassroots, a day after President Uhuru Kenyatta also rallied  his Mt Kenya backyard to support the initiative.

Raila, who has been on a charm offensive to popularise the BBI process which is at the stage of signature verification, told the chairmen the initiative, was founded on three broad pillars of production of the national wealth, protecting the wealth from thieves and sharing the wealth fairly and equitably.

In an apparent attack on Ruto, Raila told his lieutenants to stop those he termed as undermining good governance.

Counter rumours

“It is upon leaders in this movement to debunk the propaganda being peddled by persons who have no record and no ideologies, other than plunder of public resources.

You have to stand up stop them from undermining the struggle for good governance and ending corruption which is what BBI is about,” said Raila.

He said the biggest threat to the country’s unity is the dwindling size of the national cake even as population grows, adding that the position of ODM and BBI, is that there is need to do more to grow the national cake, protect it from the thieves and share it equitably

“You have to explain to our people that our mission in BBI is noble. It is for the benefit of everyone.

We want to bake a bigger cake, protect the cake from the thieves and share the cake equitably-‘Tupike, tuilinde alafu tugawe,” he said.

ODM Nairobi County chairman George Aladwa (Makadara) told the People Daily that the leaders agreed to go to the grassroots and popularise the BBI document, and to counter the rumours and lies being peddled by their opponents mainly from the ‘Tanga Tanga’ wing of the Jubilee administration.

Aladwa who is also the chairman of all the 47 county chairmen, said that the leaders agreed to move with speed and popularise the BBI document as well as support the ‘Handshake’ between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila.

“We agreed to go back to the grassroots and champion BBI and to debunk the lies being peddled by our competitors,” said Aladwa.

 On her part Homa Bay county chairperson Gladys Wanga, said that the meeting resolved that county party leaders be part and parcel of the BBI campaign team.

“We have been rallied to support the BBI 100 per cent. The county officials will now be part of the campaign team,” said Wanga.

Wanga who is also the area county Woman Rep said the officials were also given the go ahead to engage Ward Reps, in rallying support for the proposed changes that is expected to culminate to a plebiscite.

Raila told the delegates that even as they work to support BBI, the task ahead will be easier if ODM is strengthened and energised at the grassroots.

“It is part and parcel of our long journey to creating a united country, founded on the principle of shared prosperity.

My appeal to you is to be at the forefront in popularising the initiative among all strata of the Kenyan public,” he said.

The ODM county chairpersons had been invited to receive their views on the State of the party from the counties, including its preparedness for the anticipated referendum on the BBI and next year’s General Election.

Raila emphasised that his ‘Handshake’ with Uhuru and the BBI, is unshaken, adding that the two, which are sides of the same coin, are founded on a very solid and enduring principles that will stand the test of time.

“As a party, we regard county chairpersons as our ears and eyes on the ground. You are our last line of defense.

Our strength and our connection with the desires of our people and our ability to grow and win more converts depend on your active involvement with the people on the ground,” said Raila.

 “As a party and a Movement that has consistently fought for change, social justice, equitable sharing of the wealth of the nation and devolution of resources and services to the grassroots, the BBI is critical to us,” said Raila.

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