Raila plays the land card in his quest to pocket Masaai votes

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 10:09 |
ODM Leader Raila Odinga. Photo/COURTESY

ODM leader Raila Odinga, on Wednesday, promised to deal with the land issues that affect the Maasai community.

Speaking Maasai local stations, Raila said he understands land problems the Maa community face and he is ready to effectively solve if he ascends wins the presidency come next year.

Raila said that he will ensure that the lands that were unlawfully taken community are taken back.

"The issue of land within the Maa community did not start recently, it began long ago during the colonial regime. I will ensure that those lands that were unlawfully taken, are given back to the community," Raila said.

The ODM chief also noted that he will ensure that the community puts the properties into productive use.

He said that some of the grabbed lands will be given to the government to ensure they are put into productive use and benefit the community.

"Land must be put to proper use so that the people from the Maasai community can move from poverty. It doesn't make sense to have a big land yet you are doing nothing with it," he added.

Asked how he will ensure that land grabbing is no longer witnessed within the community, Raila said that his administration will ensure that reforms are done within the Judiciary to ensure justice is served to those whose lands are grabbed.

Raila noted that the major challenge many people are facing today in their quest for justice for their stolen lands is corruption within the Judiciary.

"The major problem we have is that the judiciary has become an enemy of the people. Most land cases in the court are influenced by the rich and the influential," the former Prime Minister said.

He promised major changes with the Judiciary and other arms of government to ensure accountability.

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