Raila is the 5th President – Murathe tells Kenyans to prepare

Wednesday, August 4th, 2021 21:13 |
David Murathe. Photo/PD/FILE

Jubilee party vice chair David Murathe has told Kenyans to prepare for ODM leader Raila Odinga presidency come August 2022.

Speaking in a meeting with a group of youths from Murang'a County, where the ODM leader was the man of the moment, Murathe said signs are clear that the former prime minister will be the next president.

“Prepare for Jakom (Raila) to be the fifth President of Kenya. Those who have eyes can see because the signs of heavy rains can be predicted upon seeing heavy clouds. Is that not true?” he posed.

Murathe stated that the end of the Nasa coalition is the beginning of new political formations that will guide Raila to the presidency.

He said that the Jubilee party is on course to unite with like-minded parties like the Raila-led ODM in a mission to form the next government.

“I am always attacked and even labelled as the face of impunity in the Jubilee party, but I am telling you that there will be a new political formation,” Murathe said.

“Beginning yesterday NASA has died because if three parties pull out of it, the outfit is legally dead. From now henceforth, we want to come together and form a new coalition and we need the young people,” he added.

According to the Jubilee vice-chair, if the Mt Kenya region unites with the Nyanza and Western regions, there is no way that victory will slip their hands.

He exuded confidence that the union will form the next government since history has proved him right.

“Whenever our people work with the people of Nyanza, we always win. Don’t you know that? Since independence, when we worked together, we won,” Murathe noted.

“At independence, we won, in 2002 when Raila worked together with Kibaki we won. Even in this that is coming if we work together as Mt Kenya region, Western and Nyanza people, we shall win,” he said.

The youths’ meeting aimed at bolstering the support of the ODM leader at the Mt Kenya region where he has been deemed unsellable.

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