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Raila announces plan seeking to eradicate poverty, discourages rural-urban migration ahead of 2022 elections

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021 08:22 |
Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.Photo/File

ODM leader Raila Odinga has unveiled measures he thinks if effected will make Kenya a prosperous nation.

Taking to his social media handles, the Former Prime Minister said transforming rural areas will be key in improving the Kenyan economy.

He noted that while urban areas have witnessed massive growth, ensuring rural areas are not left behind is a better way of reviving the economy going forward.

“Going forward, and to ensure a more balanced growth, Urban Regeneration will need to go hand in hand with a very deliberate policy of Rural Transformation that makes rural life more livable and migration to cities unnecessary,” he said.

According to Raila pursuing massive investment in development planning that is specific to rural areas is a major step in spurring development.

He adds that massive investment in rural infrastructure, providing reliable and cheap electricity and clean water will also boost rural areas in enhancing the growth of industries.

“Transforming Kenya from a poor to a prosperous country will require a very deliberate focus on turning around the fortunes of rural Kenya. It has been done in other countries. I believe it can be done in Kenya,” he added

Raila has also advocated for the provision of good public schools to enhance equality for all children in the country.

In terms of food production, the ODM leader says the government should ensure farmers reap big from their farming activities.

He further noted that the provision of reliable, efficient and quality health care resources to people residing in rural areas will better the lives of many people.

According to Raila, he has been at the forefront in ensuring that rural and disadvantaged areas are given an equal opportunity to access better services.

“As Prime Minister, I championed slum upgrading as a means of ensuring those fleeing rural areas do not end up in more deplorable urban dwellings,” he noted.

The former prime minister hinted that in the event he becomes in charge of the next government, he will ensure a coordinated and planned growth of rural areas.

He recommended provision of high yielding seeds, drying machines and storage facilities to farmers.

Raila also proposed organization of food markets and helping farmers in the transportation of food products.

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