QNET donates one month worth of food to children home

Saturday, May 15th, 2021 06:51 |

Some 20 independent representatives of QNET, an international e-commerce company and other well-wishers have joined hands with the Ramisi Markar Childrens Orphanage to donate a month worth of food and supplies to cater the needs of at least 60 orphans in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya.

The donation was received by Sheikh Ali Bahari Mnemo who is the Principal and caretaker of the orphans and head of the orphanage.
Speaking during the handover event yesterday in Mombasa, Sheikh Mnemo expressed his gratitude for the donated food items and clothes noting that “…this (donation) will go along way in supporting the activities of our orphanage. It is a timely and generous donation that will help us to better care for the children and to give them a sense of care especially in this Holy Month of Ramadhan so they can celebrate with the rest of the country.”
The orphanage started in 1986 with a handful of kids. At the time, the center began with only one structure for religious studies. Over time, through community support across the coastal region, many well-wishers provided funds to construct two dorms and prayer hall. The center now supports orphans of all faiths. The center seeks to build good values and character for each of the individuals who have become part of a larger family in the Ramisi neighborhood. 
As part of it Ramadhan contribution to the needy, QNET donated 4 bales of maize flour (50kgs), 10kgs of chicken, 50kgs of sugar,  60kgs of rice, 90kgs of beans, 20ltrs of oil, 2 box of spaghetti, 3 cartons of milk, 10kgs of tea leaves, 3 plastic buckets and a bushel  of clothes amongst other items.
It is a common practice for QNET, through its corporate social responsibility arm, the RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind ) Foundation to provide support to needy communities worldwide. 
In fact, Kenya is one of 30 countries worldwide that have been part of the greater efforts of QNET in its annual Ramadan Drive. 
The Covid-19 pandemic and its subsequent effects have left a mark on many communities worldwide – this is especially so for underprivileged groups as they struggle to navigate the new normal. 
As part of their long-term social initiative plan, QNET is working with distributors and various local charitable organisations to ensure these underserved communities are able to come together, enjoy a good meal, and share joy throughout the Holy Month of Ramadhan.
Throughout the past decade, QNET has delivered relief kits, provided essential goods, and organised community activities every year in the month of Ramadhan in the spirit of ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’ or RYTHM, which is QNET’s founding philosophy. 
This year, QNET distributed food supplies to those in need in over 30 countries, which included underprivileged families, orphanages, hospitals, refugee camps, and community centres. These included countries in the Middle East, North and Sub Saharan Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Some benefactors are Kazakhstan, Turkey, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia to mention but a few.
QNET has long carried out aid efforts across the world during moments of crises and need, in addition to annual charity projects for the month of Ramadhan. When the global lockdown occurred last year, QNET reached out to numerous affected communities to lend support and carry out relief projects to ease their burden. QNET provided food packs, medical supplies, and essential goods to vulnerable groups and frontline workers to ensure their health and wellness needs were met. 
“Our Ramadhan charity projects are only a portion of our overall corporate social responsibility efforts at QNET; we are regularly working with RYTHM Foundation, QNET’s social impact initiative, to push for social transformation so that everyone is able to safely access necessities such as food, water, shelter, and education. We hope that through our actions we can inspire more people to start practicing RYTHM in their daily lives and initiate change in their communities.” Caluza adds. 
We have plans to expand our reach, double our efforts, and give back to more communities in the next year. We hope that by staying true to the spirit of RYTHM and continuously giving back to those in need, we can make a lasting, positive impact in the hearts of many,” the CEO summed up.
RYTHM Foundation was founded in 2006, with the main goals of the foundation being providing education for all, promoting gender equality, and carrying out sustainable community development. These goals are derived from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specified by the United Nations, and are aimed at empowering lives and giving support to marginalised communities across the globe.
Most recently, QNET was named winner in the Leadership in Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility category at the Communitas Awards. QNET received the commendation for its international CSR programmes that resonated with the spirit of Communitas, a Latin word that means people coming together for the good of a community.

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