PS Kaberia claims innocence in controversial Sh88m on grass cutting

Friday, November 29th, 2019 00:00 |
Sports CS Peter Kaberia reacts when he appeared before the Sports Parliamentary Committee at Harambee Plaza, yesterday. Photo/PD/RODGERS NDEGWA

Sports Principal Secretary Peter Kaberia was yesterday at pains to explain how Sh88 million was used to clear bushes at the Marsabit Stadium, when he faced the Sport Parliamentary Committee at Harambee Plaza, yesterday.

Kaberia seemed to be passing the blame to Sports Kenya as he said the parastatal had witnessed various issues that the ministry was addressing.

“We are in the process of coming up with a scientific report to clearly outline, what has been done, the funds that have been spent and those that have not been spent. It is by doing that that we can clear the anomalies. We shall involve the Parliament, Ministry of Public Works and the Attorney General, in the process,” said Kaberia.

Machakos Town Member of Parliament Victor Munyaka, who is the committee chairman, told People Sport that it was unrealistic for Kaberia to point a finger at Director General for Sports Kenya Pius Meto yet Meto was not in office when the said  money was paid to the contractors to start work at Marsabit Stadium and that Kaberia is the one who authorised the payment.

“We demand that the initial contract with the rogue contractor should not be withdrawn, because if money has already been spent and if it’s withdrawn, some people could also tamper with evidence. Thorough investigations must be done on the scandal,” said Munyaka.

He added: “Immediately after this session we will be heading for a fact-finding mission for the next two days where we are to visit Ruringu Stadium, Marsabit and Kinoru facilities to establish the real situation before we write our report next week.”

No details

Ainamoi Member of Parliament Sylvanus Maritim questioned why Meto was not able to reveal the names and profiles of the contractors given the tenders.

“This is the same government. How hard is it to go to the registrar of companies and give us the details,” he paused.

Meto said he had indeed made efforts to get the answers from the registrar but in vain.

“We have written to them several times, but as we speak they are yet to give the required CR12 , which can be used to tell who the shareholders and directors of the companies are,” he said while revealing that work in other stadia will commence on December 9.

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