Preacher killed for allegedly stealing gambling machine

Thursday, December 26th, 2019 17:24 |

We know that not everyone who religiously carries a bible, wears the collar or religious garb is a true man of God!

We also know temptation is so seductive that it does not discriminate against even those who profusely profess to have seen the ‘light’.

Sometimes ago, an angry crowd killed a clergyman in Homa Bay County for allegedly stealing, guess what?

A gambling machine! But before he died under a hail of stones and machetes, the Roho Mshanda Church preacher, identified as Calvince Otieno Onguro, 31, cried out he was not a thief and that he had taken away the machine to save the locals from wasting money on gambling.

MrOnguro was killed by an angry mob at Kodiera trading centre in Ndhiwa sub-county in an incident that shocked the village.

Police immediately swung in action to investigate whether the preacher had stolen the machine or was a victim of his own concerns for the village’s welfare.

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