Prayers pour in for Muheria healing

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 00:00 |
Archibishop Anthony Muheria. Photo/PD/File

Catholics across the country continued to congregate in churches to pray for Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria, who is fighting Covid-19 at Nairobi’s Mater Hospital.

Masses were celebrated yesterday morning, mid-day and in the evening for a cleric who has become a “symbol of reason” in a church that is known to shun media limelight.

As masses were being held, the archbishop who chaired the government-appointed Interfaith Council, that formulated guidelines on the resumption of worship, urged Kenyans to lead a responsible life by complying with all the Ministry of Health guidelines on coronavirus.

“Please become ambassadors of compliance in our homes, meetings and funerals.

Let us lead the way of responsibility,” the archbishop said in a message he sent from his hospital bed to priests, religious leaders and the faithful of Nyeri archdiocese.

In his usual servitude to God trademark, the civil engineer- turned-cleric, reminded Kenyans to pray for all individuals admitted in hospitals over Covid-19 related illnesses.

“Thank you very much for continued prayers. God has shown me His love and you have shown me your love too,” he said.

The cleric reminded Kenyans that being infected with Covid-19 is torturous and that only leading a responsible lifestyle is the sure cure.

Trying moment

Though living in pain as he fights for his life, archbishop Muheria had a re-assuring message for Kenyans, with a promise that he has over the last few days improved, although he still has to depend on oxygen-support machine.

“I have improved slightly and now can eat well and sleep. However, I am still on oxygen as they continue treating me,” the cleric said.

Even as he endured pain and gasped for air, Muheria assured his flock that he still remembers them in his prayers, particularly any time he finds strength to say his rosary.

Kisumu Catholic Archbishop Philip Anyolo, who is also the chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops asked Christians worldwide to continue praying for Muheria and other people battling Covid-19.

“We have kept him in prayers during this trying moment. Though doctors have told us that he is improving tremendously, we ask Christians to continue praying for him,” Archbishop Anyolo told People Daily by telephone.

Muheria stole the limelight and won the hearts of many Kenyans soon after Covid-19 hit the country, as he made regular appearances on national media and radio stations for interviews.

He encouraged the Church to give accurate information and encouragement to combat the virus.

“It is the duty of the church to show God’s compassion and care to those affected, remembering that those already most vulnerable will be most affected,” he once told this writer.

He was later appointed by the government to head the Interfaith Council that formulated stringent guidelines on re-opening of worship places.

Last month, he was one of the master of ceremonies, alongside Bishop David Oginde, during an inter-denominational prayer service at State House, Nairobi.

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