Poultry farmers urged to increase production ahead of festive season

Monday, November 29th, 2021 08:54 |
Ann Wanjiku, who started poultry keeping in 1996 has sold her 2,000 chicken after the egg market collapsed.

Poultry farmers lobby group has urged all farmers in the country to increase their egg and broiler meat production ahead of the festive season.

The lobby group expect a huge uptake of eggs and chicken meat currently the country is gearing for festivity season. In a press statement, Federation of Kenya Poultry Farmers (FKPF) Coordinator Arthur Kamau, said that “this will be a different year, in comparison to last year when the country was closed during the festive season. This led to low production of eggs and poultry meat and farmers didn’t have market to sell their harvest.”

In 2019, world table egg production reached over 82 million metric tons, a 49% increase from the 2000 level, which translates into an additional 27 million tons over the period, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Mr Kamau said, “Poultry is a source of food (meat & eggs) for many Kenyan families. It therefore contributes to the country food security and nutrition goals. Practically every Kenyan rural household rears poultry. Chicken is one most the popular delicacies in Kenya. Therefore, we are urging farmers to continue increasing their productions, so that we can keep the country population healthy.”
WHO recommends 180 eggs per person per year while in Kenya we only consume 36 eggs per person per year meaning that the market opportunity is very big in the country.
Eggs are not only a very filling meal, they also provide the body a great balance of vitamins including Choline, help to maintain good eyesight and provide enough protein and amino acids for people of all ages.

In the recent year, leading poultry companies have introduced free range chicken to increase farmers revenue and wealth. Kenbro chicken is suitable for meat and egg production, and will guarantee the farmers a sustainable income. “The chicken is able to free range, has a high feed conversion rate and has a tastier meat,” said Kamau.

They weather cold or hot season and prefer free ranging in the backyard and lay up-to 300 eggs per year,” she said.

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