Popular music producer storms out of Prezzo’s bash for not ‘being recognised’

Monday, January 13th, 2020 20:15 |

As celebrities, fans and friends of rapper CMB Prezzo trickled in one by one at the Memphis Lounge in Nairobi for his 40th birthday party on Saturday, the bash was getting even merrier as the night progressed.

However, music producer Magix Enga stormed out of the bash with his entourage for allegedly not being recognised. 

The beat maker checked-in at the entertainment spot at around 1am, only to find the VIP area fully-packed with no space for him or his team.

To make matters worse, he was not given undivided attention he desired by the fans or the event organisers, prompting his enraged behaviour.

Our efforts to reach out to him to comment on the issue bore no fruit. 

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