Polytechnic students go on rampage

Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 00:00 |
Kisumu National Polytechnic Students yesterday held demonstrations along the streets of Kisumu to protest the killing of their colleague. Photo/PD/Viola Kosome.

The brutal killing of a Kisumu Polytechnic student by unknown assailants on Sunday night sparked off demonstrations by his colleagues.

Irate students decried rising insecurity following the brutal murder of Malachi Nyamache (Parto), who was killed along the road linking Moi Stadium and Manyatta estate.

In a statement signed by Steve Oburu, Kisumu National Polytechnic Students Association chairman, the students said the rising insecurity should be treated with utmost urgency.

In the statement titled: Insecurity of students, Oburu said the unfortunate incident  and other pertinent issues the students have been raising should be addresses without further delays. 

 “This is an emotional issue that requires proper handling. I hope you will take it up and act swiftly to avoid further loss of lives,” the statement.

County Police commander Peter Katana said they have launched investigations into the matter.

“We have also petitioned the county government to restore the street lights along the Moi Stadium – Manyatta road frequented by students who live in the neighbouring estates,” he said.

Katana also assured the students that all the issues they have raised will be given the necessary urgency and attention to ensure no more lives are lost in the hands of criminals.

Oburu pointed out that the incident follows an earlier one in which another student was stabbed to death under similar circumstances.

The students also called for routine patrols to curb insecurity incidents.

“Another concern is the continued deterioration of health services in our facilities.

Quite often, whenever a student gets injured, we rush to public hospitals only to be shocked at the poor state of affairs,” explained Oburu.  — KNA

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