Politics divides Tobiko kin after Peris joins UDA team

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 00:00 |
Environment CS Keriako Tobiko and sister, Peris- the Kajiado East MP during a past function in Kajiado. Photo/PD/FILE

Environment Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko has been thrust in an awkward situation following the defection of his sister and Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko’s to Deputy President William Ruto’s camp.

Peris on Friday officially defected to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) from the Jubilee Party.

The CS supports Kajiado governor Joseph ole Lenku who Peris seeks to unseat.

Peris has been a close ally of President Uhuru Kenyatta and a defender of the Jubilee administration, a government her brother Keriako serves in.

The CS is one of Ruto’s fiercest critics. The CS publicly criticised the DP over the Mau Forest evictions warning that he will not relent in doing his environmental conservation duties because of what he described as tribal and selfish leader.

Insiders privy to the Peris and Keriako rivalry say the MP defied her brother’s advice against joining UDA on the basis that it would put his family and government in conflict.

Instead the defiant Peris remained adamant that her decision was final no matter the consequences.

“Keriako was so frustrated and embarrassed over her sister’s decision to join UDA. He feels it is a big betrayal to President Uhuru who has largely supported the family.

Time to time the MP has been striving to outshine her brother and trying to package herself as the family spokesman,’’ said a Keriako confidant who sought anonymity for fear of antagonizing the family.

Keriako enjoys a close working relationship with Lenku and  urged residents of Kajiado to support the governor deliver his manifesto.

Peris says said she had never had peace from the time she announced that she will cross over to UDA.

“The police, NIS and all others have been trailing me. My family members were even told to hold a press conference and say they were not aware of the DP’s invitation to my home,” said the MP.

She told the DP that she planned her political journey ahead of joining UDA after consulting widely, and therefore, her decision was final.

But her husband Kishanto Ole Suuji protested the DP’s  meeting at his home. 

“I am unhappy about the ongoing UDA meeting at my home. I was not consulted and I only learnt about the meeting last evening.

What would the DP feel if he finds me at his Karen home doing some activity without his knowledge as a man of the home?

Why would he come to another man home without his consent? I would want to set the record straight that I am not party to the UDA whatsoever.

I want to also urge my Maa people to keep off supporting UDA by all means. The DP does not mean well for us as a community, lets not fall into his trap, ‘’ said Ole Suuji, a commissioner with Kenya Revenue Authority.

 Ole Suuji is also eying the Narok gubernatorial seat although he is yet to declare it officially. 

 Peris and Keriako rarely attend public gathering meetings together with speculations rife that the Cs tends to avoid any public confrontation with his sister.

During the Maa delegations meeting with Orange Democratic movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga  held at Ongata Rongai recently, Peris lamented that the jubilee government had neglected the Maa community, a comment that  was seen as aimed to demean her  brother.

 She said the Maa had been sidelined on employment urging the former premier to tell the president to reach out to the Maa community on the next political move.

Ole Suuji claimed that he had not been consulted over the matter, reporting the meeting at the Isinya police station as trespass on his private property.

On the other hand Peris says she cannot be intimidated by government machinery over her move to support Ruto, warning that she was not a coward.

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