Politicians irked by gag in Uhuru event

Friday, October 23rd, 2020 13:22 |
President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses the crowd in Kisumu yesterday. Photo/PD/Viola Kosome

Politicians irked by gag in Uhuru event

Politicians itching to address the rally by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga yesterday were left heartbroken due to protocol involved.

Senior party officials from both sides felt in the wrong place after the presidential mandarins insisted only the president and Raila would address the gathering.

Those who had prepared speeches for the event were left gobsmacked and out of place after they had rehearsed their lines for the moment of fame.

Church sacco still split over land investment

Officials of a savings organisation linked to a church are raking their hair after it emerged that a splinter group, in court over the administration and purchase of a land to build a property as part of its investment plan, went against their colleagues.

The church officials and members allege the sacco and some trustees of the church are working alongside other members to influence a decision.

The members have made several attempts to address the issue but no one has come up with a ready answer.

Workers accuse city official of foul play

At the Nairobi City Stadium, workers who have been accused of doing little and threatened with deployment have accused a senior official at the governor’s office of mistreatment.

The workers further state that the official who has tried several times to have casual workers recruited to work at the country’s sporting facility, has been working hard behind the scenes to force them off their jobs for unknown reasons.

Honcho’s return stirs buzz over his health

A famous public figure, who has been missing from the recent national events, sent tongues wagging after it emerged he has been under the weather.

The man, a straight shooting fierce septuagenarian, has not been seen in scenes recently, raising speculation that his health has been an issue.

He has given family functions, meetings and official engagements a wide berth.

His family has requested him to keep off many functions after his doctors raised concerns.

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