Politician, Assistant Chief arrested in connection to Marsabit bandit attack

Saturday, November 9th, 2019 11:03 |


Police officers have arrested a politician, an Assistant Chief and a former Chief in connection to the bandit attack on a Borana settlement in Marsabit County, that left about ten people dead including two police officers.

Through a statement, the National Police Service (NPS) also announced to have recovered 150 heads of cattle and 70 goats.

"We wish to inform so far, attendant operation and investigation into the incident led to the recovery of 158 heads of cattle and 70 goats, and a total of four arrests has been made. Those arrested include a one area politician, a serving Assistant Chief, a retired Chief and a driver" read the statement by NPS Communication Officer Charles Wahong'o.

The NPS has not, however, named the arrested suspects.

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