Police spokesman Owino to vie for top political seat

Monday, February 1st, 2021 10:00 |
National Police Service spokesman Charles Owino. PD/FILE

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino has declared his interest to run for Siaya gubernatorial seat in next year’s General-Election.

Owino who sat with elected Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leaders asked contestants including Senator James Orengo to forget the seat and seek other positions if they want to remain relevant politically.

While addressing ODM delegates from Alego/Usonga in Usonga ward, Owino said he had clocked 50 years and soon will be retiring and thus the reasons behind his interest in the seat.

 “I never wanted to declare my political interest here today but because my father has reminded who am I not to show you a direction, you are aware that next year people will declare interests on various positions and as a person who has worked in government, my age will have clocked 50 which allows me to resign,” said Owino

“I know that the seat will attract many contestants including Senator Orengo and I hope he and other potential contenders are much prepared for the race or else they will be disappointed at the ballot box,” said Owino.

 “I have worked in the police service and I am prepared to win. I am your son and I have in the past not been close to ODM and its elected leaders due to the nature of my work and now that they are in  the system, I have sat with and enjoyed the leaders’ company ,” he said a mid-cheers from the delegates.

The meeting was also attended by Alego Usonga MCAs who included Joseph Mboha(South East Alego), Judy Okumu (West Alego), James Obiero Otare (Township)Vincent Odawa(North Alego), Silvester Madialo (Usonga).

Winnie Otieno (Nominated) and hundreds of ODM delegates from entire constituency who endorsed Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga to vie for  a parliamentary seat in the coming polls.

“The leaders said they prefer Rasanga’s leadership to the current MP Samuel Atandi who is quick to box the electorate who question the way he is running the affairs of Alego/Usonga.

“Rasanga’s development track record speaks volumes and the concentration of the many developments in Alego/Usonga it’s a clear demonstration that if entrusted with the seat, the region will grow to prosperity,” they said.

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