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Police must act to stop holiday crime

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020 00:00 |
Security teams beefed up.

Police are investigating circumstances under which gunmen raided the Nairobi residence of industrialist Manu Chandaria and robbed the family of Sh600,000 and assorted jewelry.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has indicated that the robbers managed to disarm a policeman of his G3 rifle.  

The businessman’s guards were found tied inside a room after the gangsters escaped to a nearby forest. 

The raid has created particular interest because not only did it affect a family that has deployed part of its fortune to honour the sacrifices of police officers, but also resides in what is considered one of the country’s most secured neighbourhoods.

That gangsters could stage such a daring raid in the affluent neighbourhood that also houses top diplomats illustrates the vulnerability of ordinary Kenyans who reside in poorly guarded estates and slums.

The Interior ministry has cautioned residents to be vigilant as the festive season begins because crime tends to soar.

This is further compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic which has led to a drastic reduction of incomes and loss of jobs, pushing some young people to crime.

Police records show that cases of burglary and house breaking increase during the Christmas holidays as families travel to their rural homes or go for holidays.

The standard advice has been to either leave a family member behind or inform neighbours of travel plans.

Families are also advised to use social media in a responsible manner in a bid to keep their travel activities discreet.  

The Interior ministry has announced that it would beef up security during the season and police are expected to increase patrols to prevent crime, protect Kenyans and their property.

However, the unfortunate tendency by officers to focus patrols on social places where they extort businesses in the name of “protection fee” must be checked.

The irony of this is that the very individuals entrusted to enforce the law and prevent criminal conduct participate in the same.

This unfortunately habit is reinforced and incentivised by Kenyans, who are left with no option but to part with bribes in order to escape the law or protect their livelihoods.

While we call on the police to stick to their mandate of offering protection to all, we remind Kenyans that they bear the first responsibility for their own safety.  

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