Police move in to stem runaway city insecurity

Thursday, July 1st, 2021 00:00 |
Police officers.

National Police Service (NPS) yesterday vowed to curb the increased cases of crime in Nairobi.

 Nairobi Area Police Commander Augustine Nthumbi said they have increased the number of police officers to crack down on criminals involved in violent robberies targeting business owners and commuters in public service vehicles.

 “I want to assure city residents that these crimes will be a thing of the past. We have beefed up our operations and I can assure you that this time no criminal will be left behind,” he said.

The police chief said they will mainly focus on boda boda riders after increased concerns that thugs riding on motorcycles attack in the daytime.

 “This is one area that we are paying a keen interest in. We have information about their criminal activities which we will be flushing out,” he said.

 As a solution, Nthumbi said they will work with boda boda saccos  to identify the criminals.

They will also arrest those operating beyond designated hours as most of the attacks happen late in the evening or at night.

Last week, a Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) presenter Shiksha Arora was robbed at the Globe roundabout flyover on the day she joined the national broadcaster.

 Around the same time, thugs riding on motorbikes shot and killed the wife of a popular Benga musician John Ochieng alias Madanje Perimeter in Greenspan Estate, Nairobi. In some instances, thugs riding on motorcycles attack in broad daylight.

For instance, on June 22, gunmen on a motorcycle in Eastleigh, Nairobi, attacked a woman and robbed her of cash and jewelry.

 They shot and injured the woman in the hand as they grabbed the cash.

Unemployment, idleness, poverty, drug and substance abuse, non-regulation of the sector, greed, desire for quick money and weak law enforcement by agencies have been blamed for increased crime involving boda bodas.

Serious crimes

The report by the National Crime Research Centre- established that some riders are involved in serious crimes such as robbery with violence and have caused accidents that have left many impaired and dead.

For instance, in 2018 alone, the riders caused 3,877 deaths through dangerous riding, stole 3,774 times, breached public order and created public disturbances 3,328 times and stole motorcycles and motorcycle parts 3,227 times.

There were 2,778 cases of assault involving riders, 2,578 cases of robbery and robbery with violence, 2,570 cases of riding under the influence of alcohol, 2,415 cases of possession and usage of dangerous drugs, 2,053 cases of handling and trafficking of dangerous drugs and 1,884 cases of murder involving the riders.

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