Police accused of bungling two rape cases in Busia

Monday, August 3rd, 2020 00:00 |
Jenny Wambui a survivor of sexual violence.

Two families in Busia County whose daughters were defiled have accused police of bungling the cases. 

One of the affected families is that of an elderly man from Funyula Constituency whose mentally retarded grand-daughter, 15, was defiled by a military officer in October 2018.

The elderly man (name withheld) from Ganga area in Samia sub-county narrated how the mentally retarded girl was defiled yet the suspect was never arraigned in court to face the law for his actions.

He said the victim, who was a student at the Nangina Special School was defiled by the suspect, who lured her into his house on the pretext that he would take her for treatment.

The suspect called the family requesting to take the minor to Hakati Army Barracks clinic for  treatment before committing the act. 

Once the girl was taken to his residence, the soldier allegedly turned on her, raping her repeatedly, said the old man.

He alleged that the suspect who is based at the Kahawa Garisson Barracks is yet to be arraigned in court despite the police having all the evidence concerning the incident. 

He said the police who were investigating the case have been taking the family in circles without charging the suspect.

“The case has never been taken to court despite a medical report from  Sio Port Health Centre confirming that the girl was raped,” said the old man adding that the suspect  has been threatening them.

In the second case, the family of a girl, 13,  is also crying for justice after the minor was defiled by a former education officer in Teso South Constituency in 2010.  

The girl’s mother (name withheld) said her daughter was in Class Four at a local primary school when she was defiled.  

She alleged that the officer defiled he daughter in his shop after luring her with sweets.  

“I am appealing to the government to help my daughter get justice because her life was ruined when she was defiled and even got pregnant,” she said.

The Director of Rural Enhancement and Economic Programme Mary Makokha alleged that political interference and corruption were hindering defilement cases from  being finalised at Busia Law Courts. 

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