Players, tacticians’ bid to be enjoined in cricket case thwarted

Friday, July 3rd, 2020 00:00 |
Immediate former Cricket Kenya boss Jackie Janmohammed (centre) during a past function at Nairobi Gymkhana club. Photo/PD/ALEX NJUE

In what is turning out to be another farce in local cricket; an attempt by national team players and coaches to be enjoined in the leadership dispute currently in Court has been opposed.

The move now puts the two major protagonists on a direct collusion path, in the frame of immediate former Cricket Kenya (CK) Chairperson Jackie Janmohammed and her former deputy Herpal Sehmi who is believed to have vowed not to succumb to intimidation and instad pursue the matter to its conclusion to ensure that justice is achieved.

Janmohammed and Sehmi  are incidentally senior officials at Simba Union Club which is a core affiliate of CK, thus splitting the private members group down the middle.

The feuding pair who were former bosom buddies are now not only reading from different scripts but have also  unleashed their legal teams to counter each other as the battle of control of the sport gains momentum.

Sehmi has called for a moment of sobriety even as he opposes any delays on the matter, terming the process as painful and tiresome.

Word has it that the new persons of interest in the matter are facing intimidation with accusations being thrown at forces keen on maintaining the status quo.

It is believed that Janmohammed has been working round the clock to ensure that she wins th case. 

So far, five petitioners have withdrawn from the case citing intimidation and threats.  Omole Asiko who was among the petitioners told People Sport that he withdrew due to  personal reasons.

Through advocate Duncan Okatch, the High Court in Nairobi in Civil Suit No.63 of 2020, a petition was presented with a Notice of Motion that eight interested parties be enjoined in the suit.

The matter has now been slated for mention on July 9 after all parties put in their submissions.

Justice Lucy Njuguna has tentatively put a date of July 16 for the virtual hearing with each side having been expected to put in their submission on their positions three days prior.

“We will be proceeding with our application since three defendants were and still are opposed to our application and have cited objections. So once the Judge hears both sides on merits then she will later make a determination,” said Okatch.

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